It’s sad… but…

Here’s my take on BYG posting then deleting that photo of Jieun, then proceeding to delete his IG. Probably not as defensive as some of the other opinions I’ve seen on Tumblr… because hey, he’s one of my biases and I like him for more than his music.

One of the reasons I liked YG was because of his attempts to reach an international audience. It’s a no-brainer that Tumblr, Twitter, IG, Soundcloud are methods of communication that are accessible by the worldwide fanbase. That sincerity of connecting with his fans despite (seemingly?) his closed-off, private personality showed that he was willing to take the risk to share some of his interests and creations with his admirers.

But while I respect and am grateful for his sharing, I think he did step out of bounds when posting the photo of Song. I don’t know his intentions or reason behind it, or the circumstances surrounding that post and his subsequent comment on his own photo, but it was on all fronts a bad decision on his part. In my opinion (which may very likely be wrong), I think he got reprimanded by upper management and the consequence was deleting his IG. I wouldn’t be surprised if he chose to do it on his own, but I feel like he wouldn’t decide to shut it down out of spite. If he’s intelligent (as I presume him to be), he would have understood the reason behind the extremely negative reactions he got. Any logical person can deduce that Kpop is mainly for pre-teens and teenagers, especially in the case of B.A.P., which is a fairly new group on the market. I would say around 90% of fans are female, and when you combine young and female to make up an audience and use marketing ploys that emphasize a member’s attractiveness and bachelorhood to generate money, then obviously the idol’s singleness and romantic life matter to the fans.

I really did enjoy his posts and how he shared a lot of artists and a variety of genres of music with his fans, so it’s a shame that I won’t be seeing any more updates from him. But honestly, in defense of the cray-cray fans, I think it was a misstep on his part as well. I’m not saying that he needs to be a perfect, pristine individual, but I am saying that this consequence is expected given his situation and the path he chose. Sure, he can have a relationship or even be besties with Jieun, he just needs to keep that under the radar or express his affection in ways his audience would deem as “appropriate”. It’s a part of his job description to be sensitive to fans. And as sad as that sounds, the fact remains that fans were and always will be a double-edged sword. Personally, I hope he’s in a relationship right now or has a solid support group of friends/family because being a celebrity can be pretty lonely (not that I have any experience with that… lol). Personally, I wish him the best, but I can’t help but to make this point (rereading it, sounds pretty harsh, sorry bias).

I just hope that he keeps tweeting in English and updating Soundcloud on a regular basis because I need some BYG in my life :(

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